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The NEW Improved Version of our Extractor Adjusting Tool  "Patent Number D1033585"

NEW EAT 1911 Extractor Adjusting Tool

The NEW Version of Our Extractor Adjusting Tool "Patent Number D1033585" shown with extractor ready for adjustment

If you have ever struggled with bending an extractor to get just the exact tension, this tool is for you. Extractor tension is very critical on a 1911 for proper extraction and ejection. If the extractor is too tight the pistol will not go into battery smoothly or sometimes not at all. If the extractor is too loose your brass flies every which way and sometimes not completely out of the slide. With this tool you can precisely adjust your extractor virtually to the ounce each time.

1911 Eatractor Adjusting Tool with no extractor installed

Now Just 1.7 ounces. Comes with the Required Allen Wrench For Adjusting Tension

View Our Instructional YouTube Video at the Link Below:

You simply bend the extractor by turning the screw clockwise until it bottoms out on the stop. Adjust the stop (screw with the nut attached) in or out for more or less extractor tension. No more over-bending and under-bending with pliers or a vise. Smooth, precise adjustments each time you try.

Take advantage of our great introductory deal. You can buy just the Extractor Adjusting Tool for $34.95 plus shipping or you can add $15 and we will send along our ETG, Extractor Tension Gauge set. The ETG is used for measuring the exact setting of your extractor to the ounce. Check our Pistolsmithing tool section for details.


EAT (Extractor Adjusting Tool)



EAT plus ETG (Both Tools)


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