Colt 1911 Enhanced Barrel Fitting Fixture

Colt 1911 and Clones
Enhanced Barrel Fitting Fixture Jig
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Designed for Use With Milling Machine


First Designed and Manufactured in 2010. We Have Just Surpassed a Milestone of Our 700th Fixture in 2021

Colt 1911 Enhanced Barrel Fitting Fixture / Jig for Colts and Clones

Enhanced 1911 Barrel Fitting Fixture Colt

1911 Barrel Fitting Fixture / Jig
The Fixture is no longer Black it is Tumble Deburr Natural Aluminum Finish

1911 Colt Enhanced Barrel Fitting Fixture

Our Original 1911 Barrel Fitting Fixture was first designed and produced in 1992.
After a long run it was time for a few improvements and that is just what we have done.
Listed below are just a few of the Major improvements we have made. Please watch the YouTube
Video imbedded on this page to see how the Fixture works. If the Video is not visible
please check the top of your Browser to see if there are instructions to make the Video Visible.
If you have problems click the following links to go directly to each video on YouTube. (Link to YouTube Video #1 for 1911 Barrel Fitting) (Link to YouTube Video # 2 for 1911 Barrel Fitting) (Link to YouTube Video # 3 for 1911 Barrel Fitting) (Link to YouTube Video # 4 for 1911 Barrel Fitting)

The Enhanced Barrel Fitting Fixture / Jig Features
Will work with BULL BARRELS
Now Most 1911 Barrels will clamp in the fixture without modifying the fixture (We now hold the barrel over the locking lugs instead of the front end)
The Fixtures weight is 19oz, 4 times lighter than the original fixture
Fitting the lower lugs now includes cutting the radius for the link swing
You are able to machine one continuous path on lower lugs
Comes with detailed instructions
Videos available on YouTube
6061-T6 Aluminum with Stainless Steel Hardware

EBF-1911.........................Currently out of stock and no new production date.

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