Weigand Smith & Wesson competition rear sight blade

Smith & Wesson Rear Sight Blade
K L N and X frame revolvers
Will work on all with of the above
Smith & Wesson adjustable sights
Blade height is .160"

Enhanced Rear Sight Blade For SMITH & WESSON Revolvers

NOW NRA P.P.C. Approved for
Open Gun Division = Open Class Revolver and Distinguished Revolver Matches
Stock Duty Gun Division = Stock Service Revolver and Stock Off Duty Revolver Matches
Click the following link for the NRA Bulletin: http://ppc.nra.org/documents/pdf/law/competitions/bulletin13-1.pdf

Smith&Wesson rear sight blade

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Blade specifications
.160 High Blade (same height as .160 Smith blade)
Available notch widths
.110 (Target or PPC)
.125 (Combat or PPC)
.140 (Speed or PPC)
Blade material 6061-T6 Heat treated Aluminum Requires Windage screw assembly for installation.
CAD Designed
CNC Machined
This product should be installed buy a skilled Pistolsmith
True Combat sight picture (Similar to Bo-Mar, Wilson, Aristocrat etc)
Rear sight notch width choice, .110, .125, .140
Notch is deeper
Rear surface angled for reduced glare (stock sight is straight)
Slight sight radius increase

Our "NEW" Smith & Wesson Enhanced rear sight blade.

Now the sight picture you have always wanted for your S&W revolver. Available in three notch widths, .110 (target, PPC) .125 (combat, IPSC, IDPA) .140 (Speed shooting). The blade requires a windage adjustment screw kit.

Sorry we are not currently doing rear sight installations.

NOTE: We do not suggest amateur installation, the blade should be installed by a skilled Pistolsmith

Blade height is .160 and the material is 6061-T6 heat treated Aluminum.

SW110 Black .110 wide notch $19.95
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SW125 Black .125 wide notch $19.95
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SW140 Black .140 wide notch $19.95
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SWWSK Windage Screw Kit Discontinued
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Rear view   S&W rear sight blade

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